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Top Metaverse Companies to Know About

The borderless connectivity of the Metaverse brings about engagement opportunities for companies and individuals that were never possible before. Although we are still in the early stages of this technology, the global Metaverse market is set to reach $1.35 billion by 2025. That’s why top Metaverse companies are making huge investments in this technology.

In the year 2022, “Metaverse” became one of the biggest buzzwords in the tech industry. With tech giants such as Google and Facebook (Meta) investing in Metaverse projects, the Metaverse is getting increasing prominence.

So, as the world is excitedly anticipating the future of the Metaverse, we have gathered a list of top Metaverse companies and platforms investing in the Metaverse and creating great investment opportunities for individuals and businesses as well.

What is the Metaverse?

Before we talk about Metaverse platforms and companies, let’s give you a brief explanation of what Metaverse is for the ones who might be new to it.

Mark Zuckerberg referred to the metaverse as “the future of social media.” That is because the Metaverse is aiming at creating a virtual reality parallel to our physical reality. In this virtual world, people can socialize and interact with one another, work and earn money, shop, or start their own businesses.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) play parts in making the Metaverse experience immersive and interactive. These technologies help to improve how we explore the Metaverse.

The point you need to understand is that the metaverse is not a singular place. In theory, any company can create a metaverse.

To fully understand the concept of the Metaverse, imagine an advanced video game in which players can use their avatars to walk, talk, sit, socialize, work, etc.

That would be a Metaverse.

If you are familiar with games such as Secondlife or The Sims, you can instantly recognize that the idea behind the Metaverse is not something new. But you need to understand that the metaverse is far more advanced than a video game. It is so vast that gaming is only one of the aspects and applications of a metaverse.

What are Metaverse Companies?

A Metaverse company is a business with a focus on creating and managing virtual worlds. They can build worlds for various purposes, such as entertainment, education, marketing, etc. These companies often develop and offer the software required for individuals and businesses who want to explore the metaverse. They might also invest in creating the necessary hardware, such as VR headsets as well.

So, companies working on Metaverse can focus on various aspects such as creating Metaverse platforms, developing 3D modeling tools, establishing data security, introducing virtual marketplaces, and many more.

In other words, Metaverse companies are creating a flourishing virtual economy that offers so many exciting opportunities for its participants.

Top Metaverse companies – Existing platforms

metaverse platforms

The number of active people in the metaverse is increasing daily, and more people are becoming eager to make investments. For the same reason, many companies are also making metaverses. Here is a list of top metaverse development companies.

Stage Meta

Stage Meta is the largest Metaverse platform developed especially for online businesses. This platform currently consists of five Worlds, broken down into different Land sites where Plaques can be assigned. Teleport Plaque Addresses are unique and cannot be replicated. They will let you use teleporting for your business in Metaverse with a six-character token that consists of three letters and three numbers.

Businesses who want to migrate to the Metaverse can purchase one Teleport Plaque Addresses, assign it to a Land and develop their new virtual estate as they want.

On this platform, every user is given an Account name, which they can share with prospective Stage Meta buyers in their circle. These prospective buyers can then input this Account when purchasing Plaques on the Stage Meta website; this is called “Ping” the Account. Whenever there is a Ping to an Account, the owner of said Account will receive ETH directly in their wallet. This is called obtaining Meta Energy. There are four types of Meta Energy that you can benefit from: ALPHA, DELTA, LAMBDA, and OMEGA.


One of the most well-known names with regard to the Metaverse companies is Decentraland. It is a virtual reality platform based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The spaces that users can buy and use on this platform are called LAND. LAND is actually a non-fungible digital asset that members can buy from each other using the platform’s cryptocurrency called MANA. Avatars, wearables, and other assets in Decentraland are also bought using MANA. With the help of this cryptocurrency, you can create many interactive content, experiences, and social events on this platform.

Decentraland has also gained recent popularity due to celebrities such as Paris Hilton performing in festivals within the virtual space.

Decentraland also offers an in-built marketplace where users can list their creations and sell them to earn money. It is also widely known for its valuable virtual real estate.

Real estate in the Metaverse is gaining a lot of popularity amongst investors, with land in Decentraland being sold for as high as $3.5 million.

The Sandbox

Just like Decentraland, Sandbox is also a metaverse platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. On this platform, users can create and sell digital assets and games.

Similar to Decrentraland, users can buy sections called LAND and monetize them depending on what they decide to put on it. This Metaverse platform allows users to create their own 3D virtual assets using an in-game 3D editor called VoxEdit.

The game utilizes ‘SAND’ as its Metaverse currency, which can be swapped out for other forms of currency on online crypto exchanges.

The Sandbox has managed to receive investment from a variety of sources, from Snoop Dogg to the government of Dubai.


Another name in the list of top metaverse companies is Roblox. Unlike entirely decentralized Decentraland and Sandbox, Roblox is centralized and exercises full control over user assets and isn’t supported by the Ethereum blockchain.

Roblox was set up with a younger audience in mind than some other metaverse companies, for that reason, more attention is paid to keeping the space safe.

Roblox aims to facilitate the creation of a creator economy by allowing users to create their own virtual spaces.

Big brands such as Nike have also decided to build their own metaverses within the Roblox platform. ‘Nikeland’ offers users the chance to take part in sports-related games, explore the latest Nike products, and purchase items for both the virtual and the real world.

Top companies investing in the Metaverse

investing metaverse companies

Here are some of the tech giants that have been investing in the metaverse.

  • Meta – When Facebook changed its name to Meta, it officially became one of the most famous metaverse companies in the world. Meta announced that it would invest $50 million into partnerships with organizations committed to building the Metaverse responsibly.
  • Microsoft – Microsoft is different from most other metaverse companies, and that’s because of its focus on developing work-based metaverse environments – most notably Microsoft Mesh. This company defines its metaverse aims as “the ability to bridge the digital and the physical worlds.”
  • Google – Google tried its chance first in the world of AR and VR with Google Glass back in 2014. Although the project ended to be a failure, it doesn’t mean that this company will no longer be involved with the metaverse. In fact, Google announced it was setting up a $39.5 billion private equity firm to exclusively fund metaverse projects in 2022.
  • Epic Games – Epic Games is famous for being the company behind Fortnite, one of the most popular games of all time. Epic Games wants to compete with the top metaverse companies. It also has metaverse infrastructure in place with “Unreal engine,” an extremely popular 3D graphic engine.
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