Frequently Asked Questions

Stage Meta is the largest Metaverse platform developed especially for businesses. It is fueled by four Orbit Energies, generating different Worlds and Land sites where Plaques can be assigned. Businesses who want to migrate to the Metaverse’s immersive virtual environment can purchase one of the Teleport Plaque Addresses, assign it to a Land and develop their new virtual estate as they want.
Stage Meta is based on decentralized blockchain networks and supports Ethereum.
It is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox, running on a PC or a Mac laptop or desktop device. Worlds can be visited using other browsers, but they are optimized for Chrome and Firefox. Stage Meta doesn’t offer a mobile option for security reasons.
  • Focus on creating and developing a Metaverse for businesses.
  • In-house development allows for better response to any partner requirements.
  • Blockchain-based to maintain transparency in dealings.
  • Various monetization options: marketing transactions with Plaques, developing Land into a functional and immersive businesses, amongst others.
Stage Meta is currently composed of fifty (50) Worlds. The First Demo Worlds that are ready and open are the biggest divisions of the Metaverse: Times Square, Dundas Square, Beverly Hills, and Presidente Masaryk. They are modeled after the non-virtual locations and contain the Lands, where you can start development for your business in the Metaverse, the plan is to expand with the help of World Builder Partners, who will help construct more Worlds and expand the ecosystem.
It is the smallest unit of property offered. Once you have purchased your Teleport Plaque Address, you can travel to any World and assign it to an available Land. Assigning a Plaque to a Land activated the ability to build a business.

The size is different for each of the unique Worlds:

WorldTotal AreaLand Area#Streets#BlocksTotal Lands
Times Square461,000 m²261,557 m²715321
Dundas Square223,000 m²127,511 m²75110
Beverly Hills418,000 m²208,624 m²1019453
Presidente Masaryk607,000 m²327,302 m²5271,052

Teleport Plaque Addresses are unique and cannot be replicated. They will let you use coding for your business in Metaverse with a six-character code that consists of three letters and three numbers, which equal 17,576,000 Plaque Addresses in total. They act as a smart contract between the purchaser and Stage Meta and can be assigned to an available Land in one of the Worlds.
Once you have purchased one of the Plaques, you can perform any market transaction with it, or you can assign it to a Land in one of the Worlds and develop your VR Web3 business on the platform.
They are only available on the Stage Meta website or OpenSea Collection

The current floor price of the Plaques is $1,000 or its equivalent in ETH. This price will increase as the Plaques are sold, until reaching the last Plaque with a value of $10,000.
You can purchase Plaques from Stage Meta webpage, here or you can purchase them from the OpenSea collection page, here.

Plaques can be bought with the following payment methods:

  • Stage Website: Crypto (ETH) or Debit/Credit Cards
  • OpenSea: Crypto (ETH)
Lands within Stage Meta are traded using Teleport Plaque Addresses, which makes each one unique and cannot be replicated. The Plaques behave like any other blockchain-based non-fungible token and you can track ownership on the Ethereum Blockchain. Owning Land is the same as owning any other Smart Contract asset, with the caveat that can use it to develop a Virtual Reality, immersive business space, items, or applications. You can trade Stage Meta Land as you would any other Smart Contract on the market.
Landowners on Stage Meta have various monetization and revenue options. The Plaques and Lands behave as any other Ethereum-based Smart Contract would, and can be traded by themselves, without any developed spaces. Landowners can also develop digital spaces and items, which they can use as VR immersive business experiences for their customers, effectively migrating their online business to the Metaverse. Landowners can use any of the predetermined designs or develop a customized space for their business. Lastly, they can create and build spaces and items, which they can trade with other Stage Meta Landowners for a revenue. They can use the advanced 3D functionality to create their own decentralized applications (DApps) using Stage Meta’s resources.

Meta Energy builds the Metaverse, and it’s composed of four Energy orbits: ALPHA, DELTA, LAMBDA and OMEGA.

To obtain Meta Energy:

  • User connects their Decentralized wallet and logs in Stage Meta
  • User purchases a minimum of one (1) Plaque
  • Meta Energy Activated

Every user is given an Account, which they can share with prospective Stage Meta buyers in their circle.
These prospective buyers can then input this Account when purchasing Plaques in the Stage Meta website, this is called “Ping” the Account.

Whenever there is a Ping to an Account, the owner of Pinged Account will receive ETH directly in their wallet.

No. The only way to activate your Meta Energy and benefit from future Pings to your Account is by purchasing at least one (1) Teleport Plaque Address. You can market your Plaques as you wish, but you need to maintain at least one (1) Plaque in your Account to keep your Energy active.

To Ping an Account means the Account’s name has been input during the purchase of a Plaque in Stage Meta website. Whenever a new buyer is purchasing a Plaque, they will be prompted to Ping Meta Energy to an Account if they wish to. Whenever someone Pings your Account, a percentage of the current Meta Energy level will be added to your wallet in ETH. You can benefit from the Meta Energy system by collecting ETH with each Ping. As you collect more Pings, the Energy transmitted increases and transforms (see Meta Energy types )

  • ALPHA: it is the Energy transmitted to any Pinged Account. This Energy never dies.
    α Energy = [X*] % x Current Price (ETH)

    *X = current Meta Energy Level at the moment of the Ping.

  • DELTA: it is the Energy transmitted to the Pinging Account owner. This Energy will be killed after the first ALPHA Energy activation.
    δ Energy = 0.1 x α Energy
  • LAMBDA: it is the Energy activated and transmitted to the Pinged Account owner on each 100th Ping. This Energy will be killed after the first OMEGA Energy activation.
    λ Energy = 10 x α Energy
  • OMEGA: it is the Energy activated and transmitted to the Pinged Account owner on each 1,000th Ping.
    ω Energy = 10 x λ Energy = 100 x α Energy
  • OMEGA MAX: It is the Energy that is activated and transmitted to the Pinged Account owner on each 10,000th Ping. This Energy never dies.
    ω MAX Energy = 10 x ω Energy = 100 x λ Energy = 10,000 x α Energy
  • See the website for more details on Meta Energy.

You can use decentralized wallets based on Ethereum networks such as MetaMask and Coinbase.

Stage Meta website:

  • To view your purchased Plaques, go to the website and sign in by connecting your Decentralized Wallet.
  • Hover over your name at the top right and click on “Account” to see your information.
  • On the left-side menu, click on “Metaverse Plaques”. There you will see all the Teleport Plaque Addresses you own. You can click on each plaque to see more details.


  • Go to OpenSea and open your profile.
  • Under “Collected” tab you see your purchased Plaque.

Decentralized Wallet:

  • Connect your Wallet and go to your profile.
  • Open “NFTs” tab and see your purchased Plaque.
Assigning a Plaque to a Land in any of the Worlds will activate the space so you can develop it. You cannot create a virtual business on Stage Meta before you do this.
  • Purchase the Teleport Plaque Address.
  • 2. Go to Stage Meta website and connect your MetaMask wallet to login.
  • Click on “Assign Land” and see the list of Plaques you own.
  • On the Plaque you wish to Assign, click on “Assign”.
  • Select the World.
  • In the interactive map, find the Land you want to assign the Plaque to and click on “Next”.
  • In the Summary page, you will see the details of the Land you chose, click on “Finish” to finalize the operation.
  • The land is active.

Stage Meta is the ideal Metaverse platform, whether you want to purchase, build, own a business or interact in the virtual world. The Metaverse is a virtual 3D representation of all kinds of businesses, allowing them to establish a virtual presence and offering an immersive experience for their clients.

To achieve this, Stage Meta will have three different kinds of Partners:

  • World Builder Partners expand Metaverse beyond horizons and borders. They build a compelling and unique architecture while shaping ideas and imagination, so Plaque Owners and visitors can discover and explore.
  • World Inspector Partners ensure the peace and well-functioning of the Metaverse. They oversee solving a variety of situations and serve as mediator to provide trust and safety.
  • Land Subcontractor Partners are design-oriented in mind and know how to make spaces memorable. Imagination is the only limit in creating and designing spaces for the Metaverse.

Once you have decided what kind of Partner you want to sign up for, please contact our team to review your application and receive further information.