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Welcome to the Future of Spatial Computing

Dive into the world of spatial computing with our cutting-edge app, designed for everyone from bustling businesses to curious individuals. Our app opens a universe where you can establish a virtual presence, explore immersive environments, and access services across various industries, all within a spatial computing domain. Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in new experiences or expand your business into virtual spaces, our app is your gateway.

What can you do here?

Features and Benefits

Discover and explore limitless spatial environments with our app's Universal Access, and immerse in 360-degree virtual experiences while effortlessly integrating your business in this new digital frontier.

Enthusiasts eager for immersive journeys, aiming to navigate, explore, and delve into spatial environments.

A Closer Look

How It Works

Your Portal to Spatial Computing

Next Generation Spatial Search Engine

Start by searching for any concept or TPA address in our user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. It's your first step into a spatial world.

Teleport Instantly

Found an activated TPA? Teleport directly to experience services or explore the environment in immersive detail.

Discover the Undiscovered

If an Address doesn’t exist, our app guides you to related concepts or Addresses, ensuring your curiosity always finds a destination.

Activate Your TPA

TPA owners can activate their Addresses to set up immersive environments, inviting users to explore their services or products in a unique and engaging way.

Captivate and Elevate Your Presence

Businesses and entities with a spatial footprint can seamlessly integrate with our API to boost visibility, reaching a wider audience through immersive experiences.

No-code & Cost/benefit integration

Purchase and activate a TPA, then integrate our API into your app. It’s your space, your rules, powered by our technology.

Immerse yourself in TPA