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Mexico City Presidente Masaryk

Avenida Presidente Masaryk is one of the trendiest virtual streets from Mexico City lined with the most elegant and endless possibilities for exploration, adventure and shopping in our digital world.

Land information
Mexico City Presidente Masaryk

Mexico City Presidente Masaryk in Metaverse

The Metaverse is a revolutionary concept that bridges the gap between our physical and digital worlds, allowing us to interact with virtual environments in ways never before possible.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been around for years, but what makes the Metaverse unique is its ability to go beyond these technologies. It will completely revolutionize how we interact with the internet and how we interact with each other digitally.

The Metaverse is here to stay, and it's sure to have a significant impact on our digital future. From creating more immersive experiences to connecting people around the world in real-time, the Metaverse has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with technology. The possibilities are truly endless. 

The possibilities of the Metaverse are truly limitless, and its potential to revolutionize our digital lives is truly astounding. It's an exciting time for technology, and the Metaverse will play a huge role in shaping our future. 

The Metaverse is going to disrupt everything about the way we use the internet today, and it is here to stay.

Stage Meta is the only business solution that connects businesses to their customers in a truly immersive way via the Metaverse. Through our beautiful and detailed digital versions of real-world landmarks, like the Presidente Masaryk Avenue in Mexico City, Stage Meta brings the best physical to the virtual worlds it creates.

Where is the Avenida Presidente Masaryk in an actual city?

As one of the most iconic locations in Mexico City, the Avenida Presidente Masaryk took its name from the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomás Garrigue Masaryk, and was constructed shortly after the president’s death, in 1932. It stretches from Parque España to Chapultepec Park. Some of the city’s most important cultural landmarks line its sides, such as several embassies, the National Museum of Anthropology, and even two important universities.

Art galleries, high-end restaurants, luxury boutiques, and upscale hotels are also found along Presidente Masaryk Avenue. Full of life during the day, it becomes a quiet yet still beautiful location at night.

The avenue was recently renovated in 2011 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of President Masaryk's birth and now features larger sidewalks, trees, and benches, which provide refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Avenue is also home to some important monuments, such as the Monument to Peace, dedicated to all those who have valiantly defended Mexican sovereignty over the last two centuries. 

Presidente Masaryk Avenue is one of Mexico City’s most frequented areas; with its diverse culture, rich history, and vibrant atmosphere, it offers something for everyone, which is why Stage Meta decided to bring it to the Metaverse.

 How much store has in this world?

The largest of Stage Meta’s first four worlds, Presidente Masaryk in the Metaverse boasts a gigantic 607.000 sqm total area, 327.302 sqm of which comprise the total Land area. The Lands, a staggering 1052, is distributed between 27 blocks and 5 streets, making it the biggest of the first four virtual worlds Stage Meta is creating.

Presidente Masaryk in the Metaverse is a detailed representation of the real thing and emulates its vibrant and diverse atmosphere in the virtual world. All the luxury that makes the avenue so popular in the real world will be translated into Presidente Masaryk in the Metaverse, with great detail and fidelity, inviting fashion companies and other luxury goods businesses to migrate to it when joining the Metaverse. However, any other business may as well find its Metaverse home in this virtual world.

How did we create this Presidente Masaryk in the metaverse by Stage Meta?

Presidente Masaryk in the Metaverse is being developed using Unity and Unreal Engine 5 technologies to create the best-looking and most exciting immersive virtual worlds possible. Metaverse users currently find themselves confined to a one-at-a-time function when using multiple Metaverses. To resolve the issue of Metaverse insularity, Stage Meta has developed the Teleport Plaque Address, a new addressing protocol for the Metaverse.

Developed to simplify the navigation in Web3, Teleport Plaque Addresses are an easy-to-memorize six-characters code made up of three letters and three numbers that function as a domain does in the current iteration of the internet. The shorter and more memorable codes make access to specific Metaverse locations more efficient than ever. 

Teleport Plaque Addresses behave like Smart Contracts in the Ethereum Blockchain for maximum transparency and fraud avoidance. Each Teleport Plaque Address can be assigned to a Land in any of Stage Meta’s first four worlds. Lands are now available to assign to Teleport Plaque Addresses, allowing world-building in an open-source Metaverse.

What opportunities do we have in this world?

Many kinds of Businesses can benefit from Stage Meta and its presence in the Metaverse environment. The worlds created by Stage Meta will be detailed, immersive and highly interactive, all achieved through the open-source nature of the World Building on the platform.

Creating Worlds in Stage Meta’s Metaverse is the World Builder Partners’ job. With the open-source API, these partners will be the ones to build unique and diverse virtual worlds with no limits. These custom-built worlds will add variety, excitement and imagination to the already vibrant world of the Metaverse.

The possibilities for these custom-built virtual worlds are endless. From educational and informative simulations to immersive entertainment experiences, World Builder Partners have the capacity to offer something that no one else can. They’ll bring ideas to life and create something unique in the Metaverse, creating a virtual world where anyone can find their place.

Subcontractor Partners specialize in designing stunning virtual spaces for Metaverse-based businesses, creating visually appealing and unique worlds that have no boundaries except those of the imagination.

Retail Businesses can create storefronts and convert their eCommerce businesses to Meta stores to bridge the gap between the Web3 world and traditional eCommerce stores. 

In these Metaverse worlds, they can list products for sale that are either fully digital assets or digital representations of physical objects. 

Additionally, they can develop Metaverse versions of themselves or their staff that customers can interact with to browse products and make inquiries. This can create an immersive experience for shoppers, allowing them to explore a virtual world while browsing items that may be available to purchase.

With more businesses venturing into the Metaverse space, there is potential for retailers to gain a competitive edge and be at the forefront of the new digital marketplace. Virtual worlds like Presidente Masaryk in the Metaverse are ready to help these businesses get ahead of the curve and join the future of the internet today.