Let's Shape the Spatial Computing Era Together!

Step into the future with Stage Meta, where we're collaboratively forging the path in the Spatial Computing Era. Our platform empowers businesses to effortlessly create and explore immersive virtual environments, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms. With Stage Meta, experience the evolution of interaction and connectivity. Join us in shaping this exciting new era of spatial computing.

Minter Partner

Calling all self-starters, business creators, trading enthusiasts, and crypto platforms! Join us as our esteemed partners and establish your own branch of the Main Minter.

Branch Owner

Expand TPA sales across the globe if you’re a business-savvy person or a business looking to trade TPA and gain benefits from Meta Energy transmission.

  • Do business with TPAs
  • Drive revenue to new levels

Branch Builder

Become a visionary in building Minter Engines as a tech connoisseur that can impulse the TPA sales to new horizons.

  • Envision new ways to Mint TPAs
  • Connect with other partners to showcase your technology

Meta World Partner

Meta World Partners are the masterminds, creators and managers of the immersive Worlds that exist in Stage Meta.

World Builder

Take the Virtual World to new horizons by building compelling and unique architecture that shapes their ideas, so TPA owners and visitors can discover and explore.

  • Build world-class buildings and environments
  • Make an immersive design and animation

World Inspector

Ensure the peace and well-functioning of the Worlds. They oversee solving a variety of situations and serve as mediators to provide trust and safety.

  • Oversee sessions and protect safety
  • Troubleshoot, and resolve technical issues

Land Contactor

They are design-oriented in mind and know how to make spaces memorable. Imagination is the only limit in creating and designing spaces for the different Worlds.

  • Customize the virtual space in Lands.
  • Import or drag-and-drop immersive 3D spaces

Spatial Computing Partner

As a Spatial Computing Partner with Stage Meta, you gain access to our comprehensive public API. This opens a world of possibilities, allowing you to leverage our unique addressing system for smooth user teleportation and interaction not only within Stage Meta, but across platforms.

It takes a community to build the future of Spatial Computing