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Stage Meta Joins Forces with ACOTUR: Revolutionizing Hospitality in Cancun with Spatial Computing 

We’re thrilled to announce a milestone partnership! Stage Meta has become the first and only tech company to join the prestigious international affiliates of ACOTUR (Association of Vacation and Touristic Clubs). This strategic alliance opens a world of possibilities for both organizations, particularly in the vibrant tourism landscape of Cancun, Mexico. 

ACOTUR: A Driving Force for Tourism in Mexico 

ACOTUR plays a pivotal role in the development and promotion of the vacation ownership and timeshare industry in Mexico. Through its network of industry leaders, ACOTUR fosters collaboration, advocates for best practices, and drives growth in this thriving sector. 

With a deep understanding of the Mexican market, ACOTUR provides invaluable support to its members, ensuring they have the resources and knowledge to succeed. This includes advocacy, training programs, market research, and networking opportunities. 

Stage Meta: The Technological Pioneer

As the only tech company within ACOTUR’s international affiliate network, Stage Meta brings a unique perspective and innovative solutions to the table. Our cutting-edge spatial computing platform is poised to revolutionize the hospitality industry by enhancing guest experiences, streamlining operations, and creating new revenue streams. 

How Spatial Computing Transforms Hospitality 

Imagine potential guests exploring virtual replicas of hotel rooms, resorts, and even entire destinations before booking. Picture interactive maps that guide visitors through attractions and local experiences. Envision immersive training simulations that empower staff to deliver exceptional service. These are just a few examples of how spatial computing is redefining hospitality. 

A more detailed insight into this transformation can be found in our blog post about Revolutionizing Hospitality with Immersive Experiences.

Together, We Elevate the Guest Experience 

Our partnership with ACOTUR allows us to share our vision for the future of hospitality with a wider audience. By combining ACOTUR’s expertise with Stage Meta’s innovative technology, we can create unparalleled guest experiences that drive loyalty, boost satisfaction, and elevate Cancun’s reputation as a world-class destination. 

Check the details of the partnership here.

A Vision for the Future 

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Stage Meta is committed to working closely with ACOTUR and its members to unlock the full potential of spatial computing in the hospitality industry. Together, we’ll pave the way for a more immersive, engaging, and unforgettable travel experience for everyone. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking collaboration! 

About Us

Stage Meta addresses the Metaverse issue through a Teleport Plaque Address system (TPA), a bleeding-edge technology on the blockchain and Web3.