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Teleport Plaque Address: A Primer.

The time has come for us to take a deep look at Stage Meta’s most important product: Teleport Plaque Addresses.

This bleeding-edge technology is unlike anything we have seen before, and it is the solution that will unify the Metaverse. As a protocol, Teleport Plaque Addresses are by far the best possible solution to the Metaverse’s addressing and navigation issues.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Metaverse’s addressing issue, it basically originates from the lack of a shared protocol when they give an address to a location in their maps.

On the current internet, we use the HTTP and URL protocols to name, address and navigate to all the different webpages, with the host company or servers not being an issue to our seamless navigation. But the Metaverse doesn’t have that.

Each existing Metaverse has its own internal protocol to give its sub-partitions -known as parcels- addresses, and it usually involves the complete map and the coordinates of the parcel on it. What this causes is a complete inability to unify all these separate virtual worlds into one.

For example, if parcel Dogs is on Metaverse A, its address is the coordinates in Metaverse A’s maps, say 20.8-190.2. But in another Metaverse, Metaverse B, parcel Cats is given the same coordinates (20.8-190.2) in the other Metaverse map. So, which parcel, Dogs or Cats, gets to keep the same address?

Teleport Plaque Addresses put an end to this confusion.

The other issue is how difficult it is for users to jump to a location they want to visit, given that they currently have to memorize the coordinates, and these have no way to display the purpose of the location they’re accessing, lending them confusing for the users. Using coordinates to address these locations also causes the inability for individuals and companies to maintain their online branding when migrating to the Metaverse.

Teleport Plaque Addresses are a very ingenious technology that solves both of these problems, as they act both as an address and an access point, making them a two-in-one response to these issues and keeping the Metaverse from unifying.

Let’s learn more about the Teleport Plaque Addresses.

What are the Teleport Plaque Addresses?

Teleport Plaque Addresses, or TPAs, are Smart Contracts that are traded in the Ethereum blockchain. The bonding Smart Contract is between the owner of the TPA and Stage Meta, and it allows the Owner to use one Land in the Metaverse for each TPA.

They are a six-character token, a combination of three consecutive letters and three consecutive numbers (STG-314), that are visually represented by an image of the combination or plaque. When it comes to scalability, the math is in their favour. With 26 letters in the English dictionary and ten single-digit numbers, 26x26x26x10x10x10, a total of 17,576,000 unique combinations are possible.

When the TPA is assigned to a Land, the six characters become the address for the users, while the coordinates and world where the location is are carried over as metadata.

For developers, it’s easier to create immersive virtual spaces because Teleport Plaque Addresses can carry a lot of metadata, from distinctive avatars to interior design information such as lighting and soundscapes, among others.

To visit a Land with an assigned TPA, simply introduce the three letters and three numbers to be teleported instantaneously to it since it acts like the point of access.

Business opportunities

Teleport Plaque Address owners have options for turning them into profit.

TPAs are a remarkably stable asset, with an intrinsic price that only depends on the amount of TPAs still left to mint. Also, Stage Meta plans to get existing Metaverses on board with the TPA protocol but also build its own Metaverse: a deluxe virtual world devoted to business, both retail and services.

The way the value of the TPAs is calculated means their price can only go up, so sitting on a TPA after purchasing is a valid option. Waiting for them to gain more value and selling them later is a good strategy. It is especially good now when availability is the highest it will ever be, and the price is the lowest it will ever be.

The second option is to assign the Teleport Plaque address to a Land and wait for the Meta World to become active. If you’re looking forward to migrating your business to the Metaverse, you can choose any Land from Stage Meta’s first Meta Worlds: Times Square, Dundas Square, Beverly Hills, and Avenida Presidente Masaryk.

These worlds are virtual renditions of real-world locations, and while the total of TPA owners is still low, chances are you can snag a premium location with your new TPA. You won’t be able to use your virtual location immediately, but nobody else can assign their plaque to that location, effectively saving the spot for your Metaverse Business.

In the future, when the Metaverse is active, you can also rent your virtual real estate and make a profit that way.

The last way to make a profit as a Teleport Plaque Address owner is to utilize the Meta Energy System. Meta Energy is a term that represents the resources the Meta Worlds will need to be built and function. The way the system works is through the process of Pinging. Meta Energy is delivered to the Owner’s decentralized wallet in Ethereum.

Purchasing a Teleport Plaque Address.

Stage Meta is committed to keeping the purchase process as simple as possible for any user. To purchase your TPA:

  • Visit Stage Meta’s Website (link)
  • On the home page, you will find the Automatic Minter Engine. Type the combination of letters and numbers you want as your code and click on “look up.”
  • If the result is “Available,” click on “Buy now.” You can use your decentralized wallet or a credit card to complete the purchase.
    On this screen, you will find a text box to send Meta Energy. Type the name of the Account you want to Ping in it. Starting on your second TPA purchase, you can Ping yourself indefinitely.
  • You can see the TPA you just purchased in your Stage Meta account and under the “NFTs” tab in your wallet.
  • If the result is “Minted,” there is a chance the code you want is still available in Stage Meta’s Collection in Open Sea, but it’s not certain.

With the Automatic Minter Engine, you don’t have to wait for the plaque to be manually minted; it is done instantaneously as soon as the purchase is completed.

Assigning the plaque to a Land

If you have decided to assign your TPA to a Land, you can do so like this:

  • Go to your Stage Meta Account page
  • Click on “Assign a Land”.
  • Find the TPA you want to assign and click “Assign”.
  • Select a World and a Land and click on Assign.
  • Confirm the assignment.
  • If you change your mind, you can unassign your TPA for a small fee.

Teleport Plaque Addresses are by far the most promising solution to the Metaverse’s biggest obstacles to unification. With an Open API policy, Stage Meta expects other MEtaverses to adopt the protocol soon, and TPA Owners will be at the forefront of the unification of the Metaverse and will witness firsthand how the technology changes the way we interact with information, each other and the virtual world, forever.

About Us

Stage Meta addresses the Metaverse issue through a Teleport Plaque Address system (TPA), a bleeding-edge technology on the blockchain and Web3.